Pullman City Council votes to discontinue talk about Lawson Gardens House

Tuesday night, the Pullman City Council voted to direct bond money for the long-planned Lawson Gardens House on Pioneer Hill to different projects and upgrades within the Parks and Rec Department. 

Lawson Gardens House was an event venue that was originally bid at $2 million, and then was re-bid at $1.6 million, still $300,000 over the city’s budget. 

After a re-design and proposal Tuesday night, the council ultimately decided that the project was not what Pullman residents originally voted for. 

“We’ve told the residents that we’re going to use this money to build this facility, but we’re so many years down the road that the cost of this is more than it needs to be,” said Councilman Al Sorensen. 

The $700,000 bond that was approved back in 2018 will now go to city staff to decide where the money could be spent. The council will then vote on where improvements and upgrades could take place. 

​​Additional money for the project was allocated from the city’s lodging tax revenues.