Pullman Community Montessori Charter School Will Close

The Palouse’s only charter school on the Washington side of the border will be shutting down.

Pullman Community Montessori officials have decided not to appeal the decision from the Washington State Charter School Commission to revoke their charter.  The commission voted last week to close the school after hearing from dozens of people asking them to keep PCM open.  State officials began the process to close PCM in March after hearing several complaints from families.  The commission staff found PCM was violating its charter with the state in several areas including severe bullying, threats of retaliation from the former head of school and struggling finances.

PCM will close after the last day of school which is Friday next week.  The school taught K through 7th grade for three years inside the Gladish Community Center.

This is the first time that the state commission has closed a charter school.  Charter schools began in Washington 9 years ago.