Pullman firefighters kept fire damage confirmed to an empty section of Edison Center

Pullman firefighters kept fire damage confined to an empty section of Edison Center.

The renovation at 588 SE Bishop Blvd. led Fire Marshal Darren Jones and Assistant Fire Marshal Tony Nuttman to pinpoint the cause of the accidental fire to spontaneous combustion.  Jones said the owner of the adjacent business–Red Card Pub and Grub–had leased the section and had just taken possession of two spaces previously occupied by Real Life Ministry.  He told fire officials that he was trying to remove old carpet with a scraper and was using acetone to help remove the glue that was used to secure the carpet to the floor.  Jones said the mixture of the glue, acetone, piles of old carpet that had been sitting through the weekend, triggered the pile to smolder and with a breeze from opening the door, was enough to ignite the pile.

Firefighters from Pullman and Whitman County District 12 managed to have the fire under control in about 20 minutes.

Damage from smoke and fire was confined to the empty space where the work was being done. A dollar estimate of the damage is pending a review by the building’s insurance company. 

 There were no injuries reported.