Pullman PD Further Explains Their Approach To Governor’s Stay Home Order

The Pullman Police Department has issued a statement further explaining their approach to Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s stay home order.

When officers encounter people out of compliance they will remind those individuals about the order.  The Pullman PD has no desire to arrest violators.  Officers are not actively seeking out violators and are not making traffic stops asking people where they are going.  Individuals and businesses do not need a “pass” or “license” to travel for essential services.

The Pullman PD’s statement does say that anyone who decides to blatantly disregard the order by hosting or attending party will be warned and educated by officers.  If that doesn’t work then partygoers will be subject to a ticket and or arrest.  The Pullman PD’s statement goes on to say that they hope tickets and arrests are not necessary.

The agency also says that deliveries of food and supplies will not be hampered.  Citizens will still be able to travel to meet essential needs and that there are no current needs or plans to close Washington’s border with other states.