Pullman Teacher’s Union Becomes First in Washington Required to Negotiate Contracts in Public

At the Pullman School board meeting earlier this evening, members of the board approved a “Transparent Government” resolution that allows the public to observe collective bargaining meetings between the district and its unions. The Pullman teacher’s union is now the first in Washington required to negotiate contracts in the public eye. More than 25 educators sat in at the meeting, and a few spoke on behalf of teachers asking the board to reject or at least delay the decision. All but one board member voted in favor of the resolution. Those in favor said it allowed for more transparency and accountability between the community and their school district. With 130 members, the union is the Pullman School District’s largest bargaining unit. The Pullman teachers union is currently working under a 1-year contract, expiring at the end of August. The vote was 4-1 in favor.