Pullman’s First Roundabouts To Be Built This Summer

Pullman’s first roundabouts will be constructed this Summer as plans have emerged that require a private developer to build a roundabout on the North end of town on Grand Avenue.

Aspen Heights Development out of Texas is constructing a cottage style student housing project with 200 units near the intersection of North Grand Avenue and Albion Road.  The complex will be accessed off Albion Road just West of Grand.  The increased traffic that’s expected to come with the 800-bed development requires the developer to improve the intersection of Grand and Albion Road.  The improvements need approval from the city and the Washington State Department of Transportation since Grand Avenue is a state highway.  City and WSDOT officials have agreed that a roundabout is the preferred improvement for the intersection.

The roundabout is scheduled to be constructed this Summer.  Pullman City Council will consider reducing the speed limit around the intersection on North Grand to slow down traffic for the roundabout.  Council is being asked to recommend to WSDOT that the speed limit near the future roundabout be 45 MPH down from the current 55 MPH limit.  The advisory speed limit for the roundabout will be 15 MPH.  Councilmembers will consider the speed limit request during their meeting Tuesday night.

The roundabout that the City of Pullman has been working on since 2020 is scheduled to be built this Summer as well.  The roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Terre View Drive and North Fairway Road near the Washington State University golf course.  The roundabout is intended to improve safety at the intersection which is seeing increasing traffic.

Roundabout For North Grand Avenue & Albion Road