School Levies To Be Decided Tuesday In Whitman County

Voters across Whitman County will decide school levy measures during Tuesday’s special vote-by-mail election.

Ten school districts have 15 replacement school levies on the ballot.  The Pullman School District has replacement operations and technology levies to be decided.  If approved the Pullman Schools operations levy would generate 6.3 million dollars annually for four years.  The tech levy for Pullman Schools if approved would generate 300,000 dollars annually for four years.

There is an operations school levy in LaCrosse.  Tekoa voters will consider an operations and a tech levy.  The Colfax School District has an operations levy on the ballot.  Steptoe voters will decide on an operations levy.  Colton voters will consider an operations and school levy.  There are operations and facility school levies on the ballot in Endicott, Rosalia, and St. John.  Voters in Oakesdale will decide on a facility levy for schools.

Those vote-by-mail ballots must be back to the auditor’s office postmarked by Tuesday.  The ballots can be dropped off in ballot boxes in Pullman on Paradise Street downtown, at Rosauers or at the elections office in Colfax or in the box in the alley behind the office.  Ballots must be dropped in the boxes by 8:00 Tuesday night.

The old date on the return envelopes for Tuesday’s election doesn’t affect the vote.  Those are old envelopes from last fall’s election that are being used to save taxpayer dollars.