Some Locations Might Not Get Power Back Until Thursday-Worst Of The Storm Has Passed

Some people on the Palouse might be out of power for up to a day following this morning’s windstorm.  Both Avista Utilities and Inland Power are reporting that some power might not be restored for 24 hours.

The largest remaining outage is South of Pullman in the Johnson area where about a hundred Avista customers are without power.  Avista is reporting that the power in the Johnson area likely won’t be restored until Thursday morning around 5:00.

At the height of the outage, about 4,000 people on the Palouse were without power.  That number is now down to about 500 people experiencing a power outage by early this afternoon.

The National Weather Service reports that the worst of the storm has passed.  The peak wind gust on the Palouse was South of Genesee on Shirrod Hill with a gust of 63 MPH.  It blew 59 at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport.