Suspicious Activity Call In Moscow Reportedly Involving Man Chasing Girls Unfounded

Moscow Police have determined that a suspicious activity call involving a male reportedly chasing two females was unfounded.

A girl called 911 around 5:15 Monday night to report that she found a male in her car when she opened the door.  Her sister slammed the car door and ran screaming.  Neighbors responded to help the girls and checked the area but didn’t find anyone.  The neighbors told officers that they didn’t see anyone leave the car.  A passerby told the sisters that they saw a man chasing them.

Police contacted a man nearby matching the description of the male in the car.  He stated that he and a friend had just returned from a restaurant and approached the sisters to help.  Moscow Police say that at this time incident is closed as unfounded which means it cannot be initially substantiated.  The case can be reopened.

Initial online reports of the incident quickly led to speculation that it was connected to the murder of four University of Idaho students.  Moscow Police are continuing to investigate the killings.  Officers continue to urge the public to remain alert and vigilant and rely on official murder investigation information from the Moscow PD.

You can read the Moscow PD statement on the suspicious call here