Radio Vs. Pay-Per-Click

July 24, 2017
The following article is reprinted from the Monday Morning Memo of Roy H. Williams, July 24, 2017. Radio versus Pay-Per-Click Listen You hear a lot of talk these days about how no one listens to the radio anymore. Interestingly, the people who make these claims offer no evidence beyond the […]

In the Studio with WSU Baseball Legend “Bobo” Brayton

July 7, 2017
In his feature story on Chuck “Bobo” Brayton following the legendary baseball coach’s death on March 28, 2015, writer Howie Stalwick provided a thoughtful summary of Bobo’s remarkable career. One sentence in particular made me smile: Brayton’s gravelly voice could often be heard on radio commercials during WSU baseball […]

The Secret Behind Amazon’s “Retailer-Wrecking” Growth: Love

May 17, 2017
Time, Inc.’s Money Magazine reported last month that more than 80 million American households now subscribe to Amazon Prime. Let that number sink in: it represents approximately two-thirds of our nation’s population. Amazon Prime members pay $99 a year to get free 2-day shipping on their purchases plus immediate access to Amazon’s vast (and […]

Pet Dryers, Pedal-Powered Appliances, and Other Innovations

March 31, 2017
Over the years, Howard Hughes Appliance, Television, and Sleep Shop has introduced consumers to surprising innovations in the realm of home appliances. Some of the more notable breakthroughs in recent years: Pet drying attachments for clothes dryers Pedal-powered appliances for the fitness-minded Self-cleaning refrigerators Holographic Transport Television (HTTV) Surprising new […]

Effective Advertising and the Law of Exclusion

March 15, 2017
Is your business defined principally by what-you-sell or what-you-do? Are these the things you talk about in your advertising? May I suggest that you are also defined by what you won’t do or sell, by what you exclude. The principle of exclusion conveys that you’ve drawn a line in the sand, […]

On Radio Anything’s Possible

January 11, 2017
It’s well established that sounds enter the brain faster than visuals, and the memory of those sounds fades more slowly.  Which is why, as Paul Harvey once pointed out, as a kid in the classroom, you could answer the teacher’s question, “What did I just say?” accurately, even though you’d been […]

Don’t Use That Song in Your Commercial!

August 18, 2016
I was recently asked for a favor: to provide a short voice-over for a video intended for presentation at an upcoming trade show, in exchange for dinner and wine for four at a swanky restaurant, worth around $200-250. We live in a small town and the business owner was under a […]

What You Don’t Know About Millennials

July 31, 2016
I was working on a post on this very theme when the weekly Small Market Radio Newsletter appeared in my inbox and I read my friend Jay Mitchell’s summary of the most recent research into the media consumption habits of Millennials. Seeing no reason to reinvent the wheel, I decided just to […]

Made in America. Kinda sorta.

July 1, 2016
In an article from The Detroit Bureau (“The Voice of the Automotive World” – although Crain’s Automotive News might take exception) the headline a couple days ago read: The most ‘American’ car on the road? Toyota Camry. For the second year in a row the Toyota Camry is the “most American” […]

Quikrete “Long Story Short” Radio Ads Win $50K and $5K Mercury Awards

June 3, 2016
Two collections of 3 ten-second radio spots won their creators, Fitzgerald+CO, the $50,000 Best of Show and $5000 Best Radio Campaign prizes at the 2016 Radio Mercury Awards event held June 2nd in New York. According to Chris Smith, brand creative group head at The Richards Group (creators of Motel 6’s legendary “We’ll […]
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