Temporary Changes Considered For Main Street In Downtown Pullman To Test Revitalization Plan

Temporary changes might be coming to Main Street in downtown Pullman this Summer to test concepts to encourage visitors.  Pullman City Council will consider the idea during its meeting Tuesday night.

The proposal is from the recently completed downtown master plan that was funded by the city.  A consultant examined ideas for reinvigorating Pullman’s central business district.

One idea is to change the traffic pattern downtown to encourage visitors.  Council is being asked to approve a plan to test the concept.  It would reduce traffic on Main Street between Paradise Street and Grand Avenue from 3 lanes to 2 and add back-in angled parking on the South side of the street.  A protected bike lane would also be added to Main.

The concept also includes the idea of what’s called a parklet.  Parklets or streateries utilize a portion of the street in front of a business for customer seating.  The plan to city council will construct at least one parklet.

If approved the demonstration project to test the viability of traffic revisions and parklets on Main Street in downtown Pullman would be conducted this Summer.  The trial would end this Fall after students return to class at Washington State University.