UI Asking To Move Ahead With Plans For New Meat Science & Innovation Center-ROTC Facility-Paving Dome Parking Lot

The University of Idaho’s latest capital construction request is being reviewed by the Idaho State Board of Education this week.

The UI’s proposed capital construction funding request to the Idaho Legislature for the next fiscal year will be considered by the board.  The top capital funding priority for the Moscow campus is the Meat Science and Innovation Center.  The facility would include space for meat production and processing, classrooms, events and a Vandal Brand Meats store with outdoor seating and a BBQ.  The center would be constructed across the parking lot from the Kibbie Dome and the new ICCU Arena.  The facility would replace the Animal Pavilion and Meat Lab.  the UI administration is asking the board to approve a 4 million dollar funding request to state lawmakers.  The nearly 11,000 square foot building is expected to cost about 13.5 million dollars which includes federal funds, donations and university money.

Another UI construction priority for the Moscow campus is the creation of a new center for the institution’s Navy/Marines and Air Force ROTC detachments.  The plan calls for spending 7 million dollars to renovate the empty Targhee Hall into the Joint ROTC Military Studies Facility.  The UI administration wants to build the new center to provide greater opportunities for cadets and increase visibility for the programs.  The units are currently housed in separate small offices around campus.

The last priority for UI Moscow campus construction for next year is to pave the Kibbie Dome and ICCU Arena parking lot.  The 5 million dollar project would also install landscaping and new lights.

The Idaho State Board of Education will review the UI funding requests for the legislature during its meeting this week in Boise.