UI sprays environment-friendly deterrent on evergreens to prevent theft

The University of Idaho is deterring Christmas tree hunters from stealing evergreens off its campus. 

The university says the landscape team sprayed about 100 trees with a natural repellent of skunk scent and fox urine, as well as a sticking agent.

The repellent isn’t noticeable while in cold temperatures, but if brought into a warm room it emits an odor that will remain in the room and on furniture for a long period of time. 

This material is completely natural and doesn’t harm the trees or the environment. It’s effective for about 4 weeks depending on the weather.

Some signage is posted around campus to inform the public of what is happening, but crews do not sign most of the trees that are sprayed. 

U of I says campus security and Moscow PD have been notified about this situation. Stealing or vandalizing an evergreen on campus can result in a felony charge.