Washington Governor Jay Inslee In Town Friday Morning To Discuss Proposed Biodiesel Plant For Pullman-Meeting Closed To General Public

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will be in town Friday morning to discuss the Port of Whitman County’s proposal to help develop a biodiesel plant in Pullman.

The Democrat will be meeting with Port Commissioner Chairman Karl Webber, the agency’s executive director, and representatives from AgTech OS.  The meeting in Pullman is closed to the general public.  According to Inslee’s press office, he will be meeting with officials to discuss their proposed biodiesel plant and efforts to drive job creation in the clean energy sector.

The plan calls for developing a biodiesel plant on the West side of Pullman next to the Whispering Hills Subdivision.  Several local residents have voiced strong opposition to locating a heavy industrial facility next to a neighborhood.  Nearly 700 people have signed an online petition opposing the proposal.