Washington Grain Crops Down This Summer Compared To Last Year’s Bumper Crop

Washington’s grain crops were down significantly this year compared to last year’s bumper crop.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service has released its final harvest numbers for 2023.

Washington growers produced 94.5 million bushels of winter wheat down 23% from last year.  The Evergreen State winter wheat yield was 54 bushels an acre statewide down 14 from 2022.  Washington spring wheat production was off 14% from last year at 38 bushels an acre down 14 from 2022.  Washington barley produced 4.45 million bushels down 12% at 53 bushels an acre down 31 from last year.

Idaho growers fared better producing 56 million bushels of winter wheat with a yield of 89 bushels an acre.  That’s about the same yield as 2022.  Idaho spring wheat produced 32.4 million bushels up 11% from 2022 with a similar yield.  Barley in Idaho produced 60.5 million bushels about the same as 2022.