Whitman County BAT Team Encourages Residents to Help Improve FCC National Broadband Map

The Whitman County Broadband Action Team encourages county residents to help improve the newly released Federal Communications Commission (FCC) National Broadband Map.

Users can search for their address to see information about services that internet service providers claim are available there. If those services are unavailable at the user’s location, they may file a challenge with the FCC through the map interface to correct the information.

Those with poor or no access to the internet are invited to visit one of the 14 Whitman County Rural Library District locations in Albion, Colfax, Colton, Endicott, Farmington, Garfield, LaCrosse, Malden, Oakesdale, Palouse, Rosalia, St. John, Tekoa and Uniontown.

Whitman County residents may also use the FCC’s Speed Test App to compare their network’s performance to that reported by their provider.