Whitman County Commissioner Michael Largent files for re-election

Longtime Whitman County Commissioner Republican Michael Largent is running for re-election after announcing that he was going to retire.  

Largent filed for re-election late on Friday on the last day of the filing period in Washington. Largent will once again face Democrat John-Mark Mahnkey who he defeated for the post four years ago.  

All of the other Whitman County incumbents have been re-elected as they didn’t draw a challenger.  

Sheriff Brett Myers, Prosecutor Denis Tracy, Assessor Wraylee Flodin, Auditor Sandy Jamison, Clerk Jill Whelchel, Coroner Annie Pillers, Treasurer Chris Nelson, and District Court Judge John Hart all retained their seats.  

Local Washington State Representatives Republicans Mary Dye and Joe Schmick also retained their positions as they didn’t garner a challenger.