Whitman County Fairgrounds/Palouse Empire Fair Tree Removal starts Monday

The Palouse Empire Fair and Whitman County Fairgrounds have announced that the County plans to remove twenty trees along Fairgrounds Road, because the trees have been identified as a public safety hazard.  Avista Utility crews, volunteers, and staff will remove the trees.

The Fair Administration had been monitoring the trees for several years. An arborist was brought in to check the trees, factoring in the tree species, life expectancy, and health, and says the trees have outlived their expected life span, with 75% of the them showing signs of stress.

Removal is scheduled for next week.  The exact day and time for removal will depend on weather conditions and scheduling.  The Palouse Empire Fair and the Fairgrounds say that as much as they value the trees, public safety is a top priority.  Avista Utility crews, volunteers, and staff will be working together to remove the trees. There are no current plans for replacing them.


The RV Park will be temporarily shut down during the tree removal.