Whitman County Housing Market Slows-Home Sales Prices Soar In January

The local housing market in Washington slowed down significantly last month which marked a major increase in the price of homes sold.

The Whitman County Association of Realtors has released its January housing market numbers.  Only 15 homes were sold last month which is tied for the fewest in the last three years.  The average price for those homes sold was just over 411,000 dollars which is the second highest on record.  That’s up 83,000 dollars from December and up over 121,000 dollars from a year ago.  January smashed the record for average days on the market for a Whitman County home at nearly three months.  The prior record was just over two months on the market on average for a home in Whitman County which was set in early 2021.  There are lots of homes on the market right now with over 90 for sale which is close to the record high set last August.