Whitman County Public Health Director Now Recommending That Middle & High Schools Reopen Except For Pullman & Tekoa

Whitman County’s Public Health Director is recommending that more K-12 students can return to the classroom.

Troy Henderson updated his recommendation for Whitman County schools Thursday.  He is now recommending that nearly all middle and high schools in the county can return to in-person classroom instruction except for Pullman and Tekoa.  Henderson is still recommending that all Pullman school kids receive instruction online because of the outbreak primarily among Washington State University students.  His recommendation for Tekoa follows Wednesday’s announcement from school district officials that 2 individuals at the high school have been diagnosed with coronavirus.  The Tekoa High School building will be closed for at least a week while class moves online.

Henderson’s last recommendation in late August called for all Whitman County middle and high schools to be online.  Some of the middle and high schools in Whitman County already returned to in-person classroom instruction this Fall.

The only local public health officials who have the authority to close schools are the county’s medical officer and board of health.