Work Continues To Improve Steelhead Habitat In The East Fork Of Potlatch River In East Latah County

Idaho Fish and Game is continuing to improve steelhead habitat in the East Fork of the Potlatch River in East Latah County.

This Summer the agency conducted a large wood restoration project on a mile of private land along the river.  Crews cut down trees and placed them into the river mimicking the natural process of wood accumulating in the water.  Those newly created pools should help steelhead survival by providing cover from predators, a refuge during high flows, and shelter during cold Winter months.

Idaho Fish and Game research shows that juvenile steelhead in the East Fork of the Potlatch tend to migrate early before they are large enough to reach the ocean.  Biologists believe the lack of good rearing habitat causing the fish to leave early.

The agency has restored about 3 miles of the stream to a more natural state.  Biologists say they are already seeing signs that the efforts are improving the steelhead run in the East Fork of the Potlatch.