WSU Changes Course And Keeps Critical Regents Committee Meetings Streamed Live Online

The Washington State University Regents have changed course and are now keeping their most critical committee meetings streamed live online.

When WSU initially released the agenda for this week’s regents meeting the board’s Thursday committee meetings were only remotely available to the public over the phone.  At the time WSU Spokesman Phil Weiler told Pullman Radio News that the high cost of streaming concurrent committee meetings led to the decision to end those video streams.

Since Pullman Radio News ran the story about the cutbacks in public access to the regents committee meetings WSU has changed course.  Weiler now reports that the WSU Regents Strategic and Operational Excellence Committee and the Finance and Compliance Committee meetings will continue to be available live on YouTube.  Weiler now says that since those committees are comprised of all regents they can be streamed since there are no other committee meetings taking place at that time.

Those committee meetings are when the regents spend the most time discussing pending issues with those decisions being made during formal board meetings on Fridays.  For instance, this week’s Finance and Compliance Committee will discuss the athletics budget and the university’s financial forecast.  The Strategic and Operational Excellence Committee will review the university’s coronavirus mitigation and the president’s goals.  You can find a link for those streams here and here

The pandemic forced WSU, for the first time, to stream its regents board meetings and committee meetings live on YouTube.  The regents meet at WSU campuses across the state.  They are meeting this week on the Pullman campus.  The Friday full board meeting will also continue to be streamed live on YouTube.  You can watch that meeting here