WSU Football Coach Mike Leach sued over inconsistent enforcement of “3 deadly sins”

     Washington State University Football Coach Mike Leach is being sued, primarily over inconsistent enforcement of his “3 deadly sins.”  Former Cougar football player Zaire Webb has filed suit against Leach, WSU and the institution’s Student-Athlete Appeals Committee. 

     Webb and a teammate were arrested by Pullman Police for suspicion of shoplifting at the Walmart in early October.  Anthony White and Webb lost their scholarships the next day when Leach kicked them off the team. 

     Webb appealed Leach’s decision to the committee.  A statement from Leach was presented to the committee during Webb’s appeal hearing.  Leach stated that Webb’s removal from the program was a culmination of violations of team rules.  The Leach letter restated that those rules are don’t do drugs, don’t steal and don’t hit a woman.  Leach wrote to the committee regarding team rules, “there is no uncertainty where we stand in regard to upholding them.”  The committee upheld Leach’s decision along with his move to deny Webb from contacting any PAC12 institutions or any school on WSU’s football schedule through the 2020 season. 

     Webb’s suit argues that Leach lied to the committee, pointing out other criminal cases against Cougar football players that Leach handled differently.  The suit references Logan Tago who spent a month in jail after pleading guilty to a felony for mugging a former teammate for some beer.  Tago is currently preparing for his senior season with the Cougars. 

     Webb’s attorney cites the Daquawn Brown case from 2014.  Brown pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for punching a woman and knocking her unconscious.  He returned to the team and led the Cougar’s in tackles later that year. 

     The suit cites the pending domestic violence case in Idaho against Grant Porter.  Porter is accused of beating up his girlfriend in Moscow and threatening to kill her and put bullet holes in her door.  Porter was suspended from the team when he was arrested last Fall but he is currently listed on the Cougar’s spring football roster. 

     The suit claims that Webb’s dismissal from the team constitutes a breach of contract and that his due process rights were denied during his appeal hearing which is described as a “kangaroo court.”  Webb’s lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages.  The suit has been filed in Whitman County Superior Court. 

     Cougar Athletics doesn’t comment about pending litigation.  The misdemeanor theft case against Webb was dropped by the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office because of a lack of evidence.            

Former WSU football player Zaire Webb