WSU looking to adjust its relocation plans to make room for new runway

     The Washington State University Regents will consider a change in the relocation plans involving the new runway during its meeting this week.  The Federal Aviation Administration is paying WSU just under 15 million dollars for its research facilities near the Pullman Moscow Regional Airport.  Those campus facilities must be vacated to create a safety buffer around the expanded runway which is under construction. 

     WSU initially estimated that relocating the research would cost about 20 million dollars.  To stay in budget, officials are now asking the regents to approve a new relocation plan for animal research.  Those facilities were originally set to be relocated to a university farm outside of Pullman.  The new plan calls for the animal research facilities to make a shorter move to the Northeast corner of Terre View Drive and the Moscow Pullman Highway.  Officials say not only is the new proposal less expensive but it will be more efficient since it would keep the research on campus. 

     WSU has to vacate its research sites next to the runway by October.  The regents will consider the agenda item during its meeting Friday in the Tri-Cities.