WSU Regents Begin Discussing Expected Tuition Increase Request For Next Year

The Washington State University Regents began discussing an expected tuition hike for the next academic year during their committee meeting Thursday.

The administration expects to ask the regents to approve a 2.5% tuition increase for the 2022-23 academic year.  State law limits tuition increases for public higher education in Washington based on inflation.  Administrators believe that cap will around 2.5%.

WSU leaders told the board that increasing costs caused by inflation and declining revenues from dropping enrollment are causing the need for higher tuition.  Enrollment at WSU is expected to decline for the 3rd straight year this Fall.  Administrators say they have already cut spending and that without a tuition hike those budget cuts will have to get deeper.

Regent Marty Dickinson believes that tuition hike discussions need to be tied to WSU’s in-person instruction.  You can listen to Dickinson’s comments by clicking on the audio file below.


The regents are expected to vote on next year’s tuition in May.  A 2.5% increase would raise WSU in-state undergraduate tuition by 261 dollars to about 11,000 dollars next year.

WSU raised tuition by 2.5% this year.  The regents have increased tuition to the maximum amount allowed by law 3 times in the last 5 years.