WSU Regents Under Pressure From Olympia To Deal With Athletics Department Deficit

The Washington State University Regents are apparently under pressure from Olympia to take action now to deal with the athletics department budget deficit.

The urgency was revealed by Regent Marty Dickinson during Thursday’s virtual committee meeting.  Dickinson informed the board about her conversations with State Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig of Spokane.  She told her fellow regents that they must move forward with trying to solve the athletics budget problem now.  You can listen to Regent Dickinson’s comments from the committee meeting by clicking on the audio file below.

Dickinson described Senator Billig’s suggestions for solving the athletics budget deficit as “drastic” and “extreme.”

Cougar Athletics is expected to lose about 30 million dollars in revenue this year due to the economic fallout caused by the pandemic.  The total accumulated Cougar Athletics debt is now expected to reach about 118 million dollars.  The regents committee meeting on Thursday ends with a detailed discussion regarding the athletics budget.  That meeting is ongoing as of Noon on Thursday.  You can watch the WSU Regents Committee meeting here

The regents are currently scheduled to consider revising Cougar Athletics FY2021 budget with a 30-million-dollar loss in revenue during their formal meeting on Friday.