WSU students finally get their campus saunas, nap pods and gender neutral locker room after months of delays

     After months of delays Washington State University’s newest building finally opened completely today.  The old Bookie building has been remodeled into the Chinook Student Center.  Undergraduates approved a fee 3 years to pay off a 32 million dollar bond for the project. 

     The Chinook was supposed to be open at the start of this semester in January.  The basement was finally opened Monday completing the project.  WSU is refunding 40 dollars to undergrads this semester since the building opened so late.  The facility features saunas, nap pods and a gender neutral locker room.  That portion of the student center opened today.  The only part of the building open to the general public is a small section of the first floor where a Freshens Fresh Food Studio is located.  The rest of the building is only available to the WSU community.  Faculty, staff, alumni along with graduate and professional students have to buy a membership to get in.